Parking Rates

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Short Term Lot

0-30 Minutes - Free

31-60 Minutes - $1.00

Each additional hour is $3.00 after initial 60 Minutes

Daily Maximum is $12.00

 Long Term Lot

0-60 Minutes - Free

Each additional hour is $2.00 per hour 

Daily Maximum is $8.00


In 2016 the City of Albany took over parking Concessions at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport. The parking lot is fully automated with 2 exit lanes for your convenience. There is a new indoor Kiosk where you can pay for your parking before going back to your car. The indoor Kiosk is the only way to pay with cash. The Outdoor Kiosk does NOT accept cash. 

 To exit you must insert your parking ticket in the machine strip facing up to the right. You will do the same with your Credit/Debit Card. Always STRIPE UP AND TO THE RIGHT