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City Commission Moves Forward with AMI Agreement

Post Date:07/24/2019 9:27 AM

Albany, GA (July 23, 2019) – The Mayor and City Commissioners approved the Master Agreement between Core & Main LP and the City of Albany for the provision and installation of an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) system for an estimated expenditure of $20.8 million.

The City Commission approved Request for Proposal (RFP) #17-037 for an AMI System on August 14, 2018. Currently, Albany Utilities has an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system which provides one-way communication that requires a van to be driven to all neighborhoods to capture readings on an electronic device. The majority of the meters are at the point where replacement is needed. AMI smart meters will include electric, gas, and water providing customers with a better ability to monitor usage while providing the City with a more efficient collection of usage data. All of the data will be transmitted to a Meter Data Management (MDM) system, which refers to software that performs long-term data storage and management for the vast quantities of data delivered by the smart meters and nodes.

Jimmy Norman, Utilities Director, stated, “This project will bring the utility into the 21st Century. This project is long overdue, and our customers deserve the very best we can offer. They will have near real-time data to be able to control their power and water usage. It will allow the utility to be more proactive in dealing with utility infrastructure issues. It will also help the utility be proactive in power outages. If an isolated problem occurs while customers are at work, it will notify us of the outage and allow us to restore services quickly. This project also includes modules for street lights, which will alert the utility of street lights that are out or damaged. It is a win-win for both the utility and the customers. We are excited to get the project rolling; it will take approximately 36 months to deploy the system fully.”

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