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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who do I contact about lost and found items?

    For any lost and found items, please contact the Airport Safety Office at 229-483-7717 and a Law Enforcement Officer would be happy to assist you.


  2. Does the SWGA Regional Airport do foreign currency exchange?

    Unfortunately, we no longer exchange foreign currency at our airport. Please contact the Hartfield-Jackson International Airport Guest Relations Office at (404) 530-7300/ (800) 897-1910 for help with foreign currency exchange.


  3. Who can I contact about transportation to/from SWGA Regional Airport?

    Please click the “Parking and Ground Transportation” link for more information. We DO NOT have shuttle services at the airport.


  4. How do I reserve the airport conference room for business meetings?

    To reserve our airport conference room for business meetings, please call our Airport Administration Office at 229-430-5175 for more information.


  5. How do I track the weather in preparation for my flight?

    Please visit http://www.weather.gov for weather information


  6. What type of documentation is required for minors without a valid form of identification?

    The TSA currently does not require a valid ID from passengers under the age of 18. We encourage you to visit the agency’s website at www.tsa.gov for additional information on security screening.


  7. What hotels are near the airport and how can I reach them?

    Please follow this link to a list of accommodating hotels: https://binged.it/2AxkIgP


  8. What time should I arrive for my flight?

    We encourage passengers to arrive 1 ½ hours prior to their departure time.


  9. How do I find out about special events going in Albany?

    To see events happening in the city of Albany during your stay, please visit https://visitalbanyga.com/


  10. What restaurants are in the SWGA Regional Airport?

    We do not have a restaurant in the airport, however we do have vending machines fully stocked for your convenience.


  11. Who do I contact for my lost luggage?

    For lost luggage, please call 229-883-1046 to speak with one of our Delta Airlines representatives.


  12. Who do I contact in order to make changes to my flight?

    To make changes to your flight, please contact Delta Airlines at 800-221-1212 or call the local Delta Counter at 229-883-1046.


  13. Does the SWGA Regional Airport offer parcel chipping services?

    We do not offer any shipping services at SWGA Regional Airport. Please contact one of the parcel shipping companies below for more information.

    UPS - (800) 742-5877

    FedEx - (800) 463-3339

    DHL - (800) 225-5345